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Once upon a time...

… Cromarbo. In 1937, this company set up on the great area of Rhisnes. But the origins are more distant…


In 1836, the Bayot Family ran marble quarries in the Entre Sambre et Meuse area. In 1900, Armand Croonenberghs wed a Bayot girl and resumed the work of his wife’s family. Progressively, he stopped quarrying and set up 3 sawmills: in Biesmes, in Tamines and the last one in Rhisnes, in 1937.


On the other hand, the Italian Marcello Bollero, set up in Brussels and launched an import trade of marble, from Italy. It was in 1928.


In 1995, the companies Croonenberghs & sons and Bollero merged. Thus was born Cromarbo S.A.


More than a simple merger, it was the joining of two decades-old rich stories. 


At present, Armand Croonenberghs descendents still run Cromarbo. 

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